Today we were informed about the very sad fact that somebody in Kartong is cutting one of their last thousand-year old Baobab trees.

For all the generations of people that lived here this tree has provided fruits for food, shadow and sticks for firewood. But most important of all, this tree made sure the groundwater level was kept healthy and the soil would keep fertile. This tree was the manager of all land surrounding it.

Sadly, the owner of the plot of land where this tree stands, had plans to build a wall where this tree was standing and that is why the tree had to be cut. Can you believe it?

A total shame and destruction of heritage. These trees should be protected as a national monument. The man had full permission of the council of Kartong so it was not illegal. Just a very stupid thing to do.

Because of sand mining almost all very old Baobab trees that surrounded the village of Kartong have disappeared.

baobab tree gambia cut

This is like stealing the stones from a pyramide to build your own house. We have never seen deforestation like the last years before. Complete fields of old cashew trees are taken down, redwood has become rare because it has all been exported to China (1.6 million rosewood trees have been felled between 2013 and 2020). Only a few percentage of the original forest cover is left and threatened more then ever.