We are very proud to show a preview of the documentary we shot in the Gambia. The documentary ‘The Drying Coast Of Africa’, the BABAO Foundation investigates the massive deforestation in the Kombo region and the relation to disappearing groundwater and illegal migration. Because farmers are not able to sell their products for a decent price, many of them sell their land, cut down their trees to make a little profit and migrate to Europe.

In this documentary Musa Bah will give you a tour through his village Kartong in the Gambia to show everybody how serious the issue of deforestation and disappearing groundwater is. He witnesses his son’s future and environment being destroyed in front of his own eyes.

What is even making the reality more shocking is that all the footage of this destruction was recorded in just one week. we want to show everybody how deforestation is creating migrants.

The only way to save our climate and bring back our groundwater is to reforest Africa again. With the BABAO Foundation we want to start up this movement. We do this by cooperating with a growing network of Gambian farmers and tree nurseries.

This movie was recorded with an iPhone only in march 2020 and is presented by Musa Bah Produced and edited by Kev Black. The full version of this documentary will appear somewhere in June 2020 on our YouTube channel, so subscribe!