In march 2020 Musa and Kevin undertook another reserach trip in the Kombo area in the Gambia. They shot a mini documentary about the connection between deforestation and the loss of groundwater in this region.

For weeks Kevin and Musa hit the Gambian road to do more research about the ongoing deforestation. They spoke to environmentalist, youths, village chiefs, forest experts and mango growers. The documentary became shockingly easy to shoot. The boys didn’t have to look far to find footage.

‘Every morning we woke up with the sound of raging chainsaws which were cutting down the forest around Musa’s house in Kartong. 500 meters further towards the coast we shot footage of a complete cashew tree forest that just was taken down. All the destruction was to be seen within walking distance.

A collapsing ecosystem

In this documentary, resident of Kartong and projectmanager of BABAO Foundation Musa Bah, takes the viewer with him into the destructed areas of the village Kartong.

After seeing this movie you will immediately understand how illegal migration is directly related to deforestation and how deforestation is related to the loss of groundwater. An entire ecosystem is collapsing in rapid speed right now.